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Excelsior Bay Books invites you to register your book group with our store.



  • Receive 10% off your book group selections (if the books are discountable; most are).
  • Bring your group to the store for a personalized presentation of new and interesting titles.
  • Invites to author presentations.
  • Let us know what you're reading ahead of time and we'll have in stock the books that you need.
  • We can list your selections on this site for an easy reference.

Recommended Titles | Book Group List


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NOTE: If you want to place an online order, you first need an account.  Click Login and choose Create an Account.   Once you set up an account, you can login, select books, place them in the cart, and place your orders!

Another Note:  The books you'll see as you browse are a combination of what we have in-store and what is available through publishers and distributors.  Please call us at 952-401-0932 if you want to find out if a book is immediately available.